RIGOCAL® Engineering Ltd

Civil Engineering and Surveying services

Structural Analysis, Dimensional Control, 3D Mapping

Marine mammal observation

RIGOCAL which stands for "RIGOrous CALculation", is a privately owned engineering company based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, with operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia.
The company provides a range of services to clients all over the world.

We deliver fit-for-purpose solutions quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

RIGOCAL Engineering has adopted within the Company an integrated Quality Management and HSE Management systems in accordance to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 standards.

Our TEAM  

  • 2x Vanishing Point Marine Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)
  • 1x Leica HDS Laser Scanning
  • 1x Faro Focus3D X 330 Laser Scanning
  • 1x Total Station Leica Viva TS11
  • 1x Total Station Leica FlexLine TS09plus
  • 1x Autolevel Leica NAK2
  • 1x Autolevel Leica NA730 plus
  • 4x GNSS Trimble R10 dual frequency receivers (static, kinematic, real-time)
  • 1x AUS DJI S1000+
  • 1x LiDAR Phoenix AL3-32
  • 1x Thermal Camera Optris PI 450
  • 1x Multi-Spectral Camera Cubert UHD 185
  • 1x Electro-Optical Camera Canon EOS 5D
  • PAMGuard
  • Leica HDS Cyclone
  • Trimble Business Centre
  • Bernese GNSS Software
  • SC4W
  • Pix4Dmapper
  • AVEVA Laser Modeller
  • Proprietary software for kinematic calibration technique
  • Development of software on client demand


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Our company is based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
We deliver fit-for-purpose solutions quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

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