Drone mapping, surveying and inspection

Drone mapping, surveying and inspection

High-resolution sensor systems installed on UAV for photogrammetric and laser scanning survey from small scale (i.e. crack detection in the millimeter range) to big scale.

Our personnel is fully insured and licensed with Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) granted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) for both day and night flying.

Case Study

3D Digital Map of Electrical Substation

Client: MaRe Ingegneria
Project: Revamping of Electrical Substation (Perugia, Italy)
Scope of Work: 3D Mapping and Modelling for the extension plan of Electrical Substation

Introduction: MaRe Ingegneria, responsible of the extension plan of an Electrical Substation nearby the town of Perugia (Italy), appointed RIGOCAL to provide the 3D map of the area including all the assets.

Solution: To satisfy the client’s request of keeping timing and cost of the project within an assigned budget and simultaneously to deliver a high detailed and accurate 3D map and model in a safe way, RIGOCAL decided to utilise aerial (multirotor drone) laser scanning technology. Such solution allowed RIGOCAL to drastically reduce the on-field works and safety risks, without compromising the collection of very accurate and comprehensive 3D data. The field data were successively mapped and modelled in the office, resulting in production of  the detailed digital map and objects’ 3D model, completely fulfilling the client’s demand.


RIGOCAL Engineering has adopted within the Company an integrated Quality Management and HSE Management systems in accordance to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 standards and ISO45001:2018 as well as a Sustainable Procurement system in accordance to ISO20400:2017 guidance.

Based in Aberdeen, UK, and operated locally and beyond, RIGOCAL Engineering is dedicated to complete client satisfaction. Our team of experienced surveyors, civil engineers and 3D modellers, supported by an exceptional team of office staff, are uniquely qualified to manage your next survey. Let us provide the analysis and solutions you need.

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