Scansioni laser, modellazione 3D, reverse engineering

Scansioni laser, modellazione 3D, reverse engineering

Servizio di scansioni laser 3D per il dimensionamento di strutture esistenti. I dati di output possono essere interfacciati in tutti i software CAD.


Case Study 1

Reverse Engineering of Critical Pipe Lay Equipment

Client: TechnipFMC
Project: Fenja Field Development Project (Norwegian North Sea)
Scope of Work: High Accuracy Reverse Engineering of two reel elbows for offshore pipeline

Introduction: In the Fenja field development, TechnipFMC was responsible for the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and for the subsea Structures, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF). TechnipFMC appointed RIGOCAL to provide a highly accurate 3D model of two reel elbows, which were to be installed subsea.

Solution: For the on-site work, RIGOCAL integrated the Laser Scanning data acquisition with a Dimensional Control survey using Total Station, particularly with a focus on the inner details of the elbows. The registration of the Laser Scanner data was integrated by the Dimensional Control measurements and was modelled all together in detailed 3D models of the two elbows. RIGOCAL successfully achieved a millimetric final accuracy for the 3D models of the objects that were requested by the client.

3D modelling of a reel elbow

Case Study 2

Reverse Engineering of Conveyor

Client: Hoverdale
Project: Installation of new belt cleaner on existing conveyor (Glasgow, UK)
Scope of Work: High Accuracy Reverse Engineering of the separator of a conveyor for fitting a new belt cleaner

Introduction: Hoverdale, an UK manufacturer of low-maintenance conveyor and hard metal systems, appointed RIGOCAL to provide a highly accurate 3D model of a conveyor (30m x 5m and 10m height) located at the Viridor Recycling Centre nearby Glasgow (UK).

Solution: The new equipment tool from Hoverdale had to fit within complex machinery parts on the upper deck of the conveyor belt. For the on-site works, RIGOCAL decided to establish a “robust” 3D geometry resection through the use of Total Station in order to minimise the error propagation of the laser scansions across the surveyed area and incorporate the dimensional control of the critical parts in the same control network. All the data were QC’d and filtered on-site. The georeferenced registration files were then 3D modelled in the office and a highly detailed 3D model at millimetric level of the conveyor delivered successfully met the client’s need.

3D model of a conveyor

RIGOCAL Engineering ha adottato una Gestione integrata di Qualità in conformità con gli standard ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 ed ISO45001: 2018, nonché di un sistema di forniture in conformità con la guida ISO20400: 2017.

RIGOCAL Engineering, con sede principale ad Aberdeen (Regno Unito), opera globalmente, dedicandosi alla completa soddisfazione del cliente. Il nostro team di esperti ingegneri e modellatori 3D, è pronta a gestire dalla A alla Z il vostro prossimo progetto.

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